Tuesday, December 6, 2011


For me Hippies mean Fredom,RebeL,Peace and Marijuana :p totally COOL, except for Marijuana.

people who wear a colorfull shirt "TIE DYE", long hair, headband, hippies are part of a youth Movement in 1960. criticizing the medium up, against nuclear weapons, some of them embraced the sexual liberation, vegetarian, eco-friendly, and is identical to the psychedelic drugs. They make alternative arts, street theatre, folk music and psychedelic rock as part of her lifestyle, as well as a medium to express their voices about various social issues.

Damn i like their stuff  like VW COMBI, colorfull tie dye, their gorgeous headband. Ho man!! All a hippie is someone who appreciate being part of this beautiful planet that everyone else doesn't really seems to care about anymore.

my favourite combi ever!!
FaLLin in Love with her stuff

      PEACE ...
      LOVE ...
      and  WEEEEEEEED...!!!!


Roni said...

kaya gipsy ya giezt???

MiLkyWay said...

beda donk gipsy ama hippies hehehe kerenan hippie *maksa

gopzart design said...


gopzart design said...

koment lg..!!

gopzart design said...

lagi2 koment

gopzart design said...

skali lg koment...!!!

gopzart design said...

bonus koment..!!!

MiLkyWay said...

Whoaaaa.. komen macam apa itu nying2!!!!!!

just azra said...

eluuuuuu,,,emang pengikut gw yang paling setia,,,terima kasih.

MiLkyWay said...

huaahaha... ga tau ya knp sama teruuuusss...!!! zzz....zzz..
baju sama
selera sama
untung cowo nya gak sama.. :p

rompis dah ada said...

ngomongin paan sih ini...

MiLkyWay said...

apa aja boleeeeee

:10 :11 :12 :13
:14 :15 :16 :17
:18 :19 :20 :21
:22 :23 :24 :25
:26 :27 :28 :29
:30 :31 :32 :33
:34 :35 :36 :37
:38 :39 :40 :41
:42 :43 :44 :45
:46 :47 :48 :49
:50 :51 :52 :53
:54 :55 :56 :57
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